Adv Mpaiphele Maqutu

Who is Mpaiphele Maqutu?

He is a Governance Specialist and a seasoned Non-Executive Director bringing with him a wealth of experience in the promotion of ethical and effective leadership in the Corporate space.

He is both an Accountant and Corporate Lawyer by training and qualification holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree (B. Com Accounting), Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) and a Master of Laws degree (LLM).

He did his Master of Laws degree with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, whereat his specific area of focus has been Advanced Corporate Law, Advanced Contract Law and Advanced Tax Law (subjects of which testify to the fact that he is in tune with the recent trends of modern day Corporate Business Administration).

Added to his profile, is extensive Legal Risk Management and Corporate Governance experience in the corporate environment whereat he has worked for since 1992.
He has been instrumental in setting up governance frameworks in many State owned enterprises in Lesotho (including the Central Bank of Lesotho).

While still gainfully employed, for 2 years he worked as a part-time lecturer at the National University of Lesotho where he lectured second year B.Com students in Business Law.
Amongst his passions is the subject of ethics and ethical conduct at the workplace where he brings with him, practical in-depth knowledge on the subject within the realm of Corporate Law.

He has been invited on numerous occasions to present papers on the subject of Governance and Ethical Conduct of meetings by the Lesotho Institute of Accountants where he shared the stage with many renowned international presenters from (among others) the Institute of Directors South Africa (IoDSA).

Inclusive of his immediate past 6 year appointment as CEO of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation, he has worked in the corporate world for a period spanning just over 27 years, of which 17 years was at executive management level in various parastatals of Lesotho where enterprise wide risk management has and continues to be the order of the day.
During his tenure as CEO of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation, he served on the Board of the SADC Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa where he was later entrusted to serve as the Deputy Chairperson. Page 2 of 2

As a current Board Member of a multinational subsidiary company (an appointment which is subject to very rigorous fit and proper tests from the Regulator ranging from tax compliance, ethical conduct, criminal records and acquaintances vetting) this undoubtedly further testifies to his business acumen and sound fiduciary standing.

Having set up the compliance function at the Lesotho Post Bank, and having worked at the Central bank of Lesotho; attest to his in depth knowledge of regulatory requirements while also being in tune with the dictates of private sector preservation of return on investment.
Stakeholder management has and continues to be central to his daily routine ranging from Government departments, Auditors, Tax Authorities, Staff, Community and Industry Forums, Private Sector etc.

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