Chairperson Speech

His Majesty King Letsie III

The Right Honourable the Prime Minister

Your Excellencies, Heads and Representatives of Diplomatic Missions

Distinguished Representatives of Electoral Observation Missions

 Distinguished members of the Results Coordination Committee 

Religious Leaders

Distinguished guests

Ladies and Gentlemen


On the 7th October 2022, thousands of voters across the entire country endured long queues to exercise their democratic right to elect representatives who will run the governance affairs of the country on their behalf. Basotho came out to vote with a strong belief that their vote will speak for their voice as Mwanadeke Kindembo had when he said I quote ‘ The word VOTE stands for Voice of the Elector. Therefore, vote to let your point of view speak out for you’. This words strongly merge with this year’s theme which states that ‘ Khetho ea hao, ke matla a hao’ (your vote is your power).

 Ladies and gentleman,

The Independent Electoral Commission stands only on one key pillar, to ensure that we conduct and deliver credible, free and fair elections. You may all be aware that we have conducted four elections since 2012. The Commissioners and our staff across the entire country have therefore worked tirelessly to prove that indeed their experience yield positive results. They have worked long hours and sometimes foregone sleep to ensure that all the necessary electoral processes are followed. We, and the country in general bow and honour your astounding performance. We are truly proud of all of you. WELL DONE!!!!



Ladies and gentlemen,

We wish to sturdily emphasize that 2022 National Assembly General Elections are guided in accordance with the Constitution of Lesotho and National Assembly Electoral Act of 2011 which marks and guarantees rights of the citizens. On assuming office in November 2020, the Commission amongst one of their major roles promised to intensify their technical arm’s length to prepare for the successful delivery of 2022 Elections. This was not only done through ordinary internal processes but vigorously done in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. we therefore as the Commission stand here today and continue to enforce our core values to uphold the post-election road map in order to continue and serve our Country.



Ladies and gentlemen,

This election marks major milestones in the world of technology. We have since saw that technology is our mother tongue. Within a limited time period we have introduced and deployed EVVs over the entire country which has covered almost every eligible voter to register and update their registration information, which for the first time in the history of registration saw introduction of Identity Document to register, as a weapon to curb the everlasting outcry of multiple registrants and removal of deaths in our voters roll.

We have also in our website created a portal where every eligible voter can register and update their registration information at the comfort of his/her own space and time within legal time periods. Your Excellencies ladies and gentlemen, this was also followed by uploading of voters roll on our official website to allow voters to see their registration centres and constituencies respectively. We have also moved with times whereby our transmission results centre provides real time access of results as they are being transmitted from their respective districts to the results centre.

Despite some technical snags in its usage, we however successfully managed to adopt this new methods of integration which brings innovation as part of our strategic core values.


Ladies and gentleman,

Allow me to express our deepest gratitude for the presence of National and International Election Observers whose sterling job cannot be over emphasised. A   job well done to our international observers and partners to mention but a few; United Nations, African Union, SADC, European Union, Commonwealth Secretariat, we are very grateful for your support. We would also like to express our special recognition to SADC Electoral Commissions Forum (ECF-SADC) which we are also member state for your astute counsel pre and during elections. We cannot go without mentioning the presence of our local observers who were also visible in all our voting stations country wide, we would like to say without your endured support we would not be where we are today. The Commission accredited a record number of both local and international observers which all attest to our continued commitment to deliver credible elections.

We would also like to thank our external stakeholders which includes political parties, civil society organisations and state agencies. We commend the local and international media for the role they played in ensuring the transparency of the election and mostly your patience as you continue to convey information before, during and after elections.


Ladies and gentlemen,

We cannot go without mentioning challenges that we faced during elections which we overcame in our quest to deliver credible free and fair elections. You may all be aware that there were tremendous court cases which hampered some of our electoral processes, delay in nomination processes and as a result delayed printing of the Ballot paper which in some cases also resulted in unavoidable errors. However, the Commission remained focused in delivering its core mandate.

There are lessons that we have learned from this electoral cycle that we believe will strengthen our Institution going forward. Together we shall overcome. Ladies and gentlemen with these few words, I thank you for your time and attention.