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Preparations for the upcoming Local Elections.

Our Documentation Centre working tirelessly creating accredition of the stakeholders. This is to enable all election stakeholders to have access in the observation of the 2023 Local Elections.

Management of Social Media. The call centre operates through toll-free line,WhatsApp,Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

The Commission through the Department of Civic and Voter Education is carrying out both in-house and outsourcing the materials to as one strategy to educate the electorate with print materials.

For the upcoming Local Government Elections, the register of voters is prepared,printed and ready for distribution to the various Electoral divisions throughout the country

Data Capturing. the IEC is connstantly capturing data to ensure there will be smooth and accurate information of the voters for the elections

The Civic and Voter Education department ensures that other ethnic languages that are found in the country are catered for. This has been done by creating different educational materials in IsiXhosa and Sephuthi.

The editing process to ensure our educational material is logical and easy to understand.

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