Dr. Karabo Mokobocho-Mohlakoana

Who is Karabo Mokobocho-Mohlakoana

Dr Karabo Mokobocho-Mohlakoana is the IEC Commissioner beginning December 2020. Currently oversees the Human Resources, Logistics, Procurement, Administration, Electoral Operations and Gender. Her areas of expertise include corporate governance, education, supervision, counselling, teacher training and curriculum development, gender mainstreaming, gender issues, gender research, advocacy, performance management, staff development, project planning and resource allocation.

Dr Mokobocho- Mohlakoana is a seasoned corporate leader as most of the positions she has held were leadership roles. She is the former Rector of Lesotho College of Education as such the Chief Accounting Officer. Her immediate duties included provision of administrative and academic leadership, policy development and strategic direction for the College, financial management, resource mobilization, preparation and presentation of detailed reports of the College performance to appropriate authorities etc.

Before assuming the role of Rector Dr. Mokobocho- Mohlakoana was the Reginal Director at the Institute of Development Management (IDM). The position once more indicated her ability to lead as her major responsibilities were provision of strategic leadership and management direction for the institute. Some of the her duties were to direct and coordinate all activities of the Institute, marketing, ensure corporate governance, performance management, management of cooperation and diversity between and among members of the tripartite member countries (Botswana, Eswatini and Lesotho)

From 2008-2009 she worked as the Principal/Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Her duties included business planning and monitoring, resource management etc. Prior to being PS Dr. Mokobocho-Mohlakoana worked as a Head of Programs/ Senior Lecturer, and Consultant with IDM Lesotho. Prior to that she worked at the Ministry of Education and Training as a Senior Inspector/ Subject Specialist Agriculture. She has also worked as Senior Lecturer and Head of Agricultural Education at National Teacher Training College. Before joining the College she worked as Agricultural Research Officer at Ministry of Agriculture.

She holds various professional memberships such as The Society for AIDS Africa, Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa, Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors, AGENDA-Group on Gender and Human Rights, Lesotho Guidance and Counselling Association, Lesotho Association for Public Administration and Management and many others. Dr Mokobocho- Mohlakoana has served and is still serving as a board member in various capacities such as Chairperson of the Global Fund, Lesotho CCM Board, Chairperson of the Lesotho Dispensary Association Board, Chairperson of the National Health Training College Board. member of Lesotho Dairy Board, member Regional AIDS Training Network Board. Member of Advisory Board University of Stellenbosch Business School and member of Governing Council of Examinations Council of Lesotho.

Dr.Mokobocho- Mohlakoana holds a PhD in Education from the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, a Masters of Science in Science Education and Development from the University of Reading, United Kingdom, Advanced Diploma in Education from the University of Bath, United Kingdom and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture- Animal Science, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (USA). Dr Karabo’s quest for education and self advancement is evident in her avid desire for knowledge as she also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Studies from the University of the Free State which she obtained in 2013. In 2011 she enrolled and completed an Advanced Programme in Management with the Henley Business School (RSA).

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